I confess. I am one lazy fker. I read blogs all night when I’m suppose to be doing homework *cringes* (what?! it’s improving my english and communication skills :D), yet, I NEVER can be bothered actually writing my own! Even though I do get the urge to write a blog, the fact that no-one actually reads my blog is kind of disheartening 😦 , and also, it means I actually have to stop chatting on msn and do some research before plonking down words at random on the net kinda makes me just turn back to my myspace, blogs and msn. *sighs* …rolling out the excuses now, lol.

Can you believe it? When I tried to log onto my wordpress account,I forgot my password! So I had to go through my emails…good thing I didn’t delete it.

ANYWAY, the reason why I decided to finally get my arse into gear was ‘cos of what I read last night. Emma Watson -the lucky bitch, has been signed by Storm modelling agency -the same agency who manage Lily Cole and Kate Moss. And as if being signed by Storm and being in Harry Potter isn’t good enough, Karl Largerfield has decided to send her free dresses for every premiere she goes to. It’s been reported by British newspaper the Daily Express that she will get $4 million if Chanel signs her. Not bad for a 17 year old. I’m 17 and what have I done? Merely touched a Chanel bag. Not even touch a Chanel dress! Let alone get sent a dress a day. *sighs*

-read article: http://www.vogue.co.uk/vogue_daily/story/story.asp?stid=45979&date=&sid=

…I still haven’t figured out how to do the clicky thing yet. Oh the hard life for the technology challenged.

How absolutely gorgeous are these dresses?

Chanel…again, and again and again…

Love it. This girl has got style. Finally, an actress dressing her age.