Why doesn’t Melbourne have one of these?! It’s so hard for me to find something that suits my skin tone and doesn’t look fake or cakey. I don’t even wear foundation for the fear of looking cakey and also the fact that i have absolutely no idea what colour I am, nor how to choose that colour. The same with mascara. I’m asian. -I think that says it all. My lashes, I wouldn’t even call them lashes. They are stubble. Pathetic excuses for eyelashes really, lol. They are soooo short and sparse, and when I use an eyelash curler, it takes me about 15 minutes and a hairdryer to curl them properly, even then, then are little L’s sticking up. 😐 I would love it if I could get some professional advice from a cosmetics store that would cater to every single one of my make up needs. That’s why Melbourne needs a Colorlab Cosmetics store.


How cool does that look? It’s from the colorlab website. Doesn’t it remind you of craft class or kindergarten? Bottles of shimmery paint, colourful splashes of colour everywhere…

They, along with a host of other companies were featured in Teen Vogue where they were given a test drive by journalist Jane Shin Park.

One other company that I’ve fallen in love with purely by their website is Prescriptives Online. On their website, FRONT PAGE, in a BIG caption is “CUSTOM BLEND LIP GLOSS -DESIGN YOUR SHINE“. Not good! Not good at all!! Especially if your like me and your completely and utterly obsessed with lip gloss. I have had, ever since I can remember, an obsession with lip gloss. I’ve bought about 50 or so and in one shopping trip, I can buy as many as 3…when I try to restrain and limit myself. It’s ridiculous I’m telling you. And half the time I lose my lip glosses so there’s really no point in splurging on them, but I can’t help it! I love them! …I should line up my ‘lip gloss collection’ and take a photo of it one day LoL.. Anyhoo, back to the topic, seeing that caption in big bright letters makes me want to jump into my laptop screen and make my own lipgloss instantly! So I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have a credit card (yet) 😛 otherwise I would have bought one right then and there.

Lip Smackers!

REMEMBER THESE?! OMG! I LOVED THEM WHEN I WAS A KID!! Actually, thinking about it now, I still do :p