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hahahahahaha!! I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this!! It’s from Jezebel and the article was originally about how older sisters used to terrorize their younger sisters, however, as the comments went on, it turned more into how older siblings used to (and still do) terrorize their younger counterparts. Or in some cases (such as my own), younger siblings would turn around and terrorize us, much more intelligent and sophisticated older siblings. 😛

Absolutely hilarious. Biggest crack up. I could relate to (nearly) every single one of those comments. However, I wasn’t as crazy as Kona who “After watching some show or another on TV, I decided that I really needed to become a knife thrower. This of course had to be practiced on someone. I was able to convince my little sister to stand in front of a door while I threw kitchen knives at her head, but eventually she realized that was a bad idea, at which point I would just randomly throw them at her as she was walking around the house.

Glass Ball thingyLOLOLOL!!! That’s some crazy shit right there! And I thought I was bad! LOL! The worst thing that I ever did, that I remember of anyway, was sort-of-on-purpose accidentally smashing one of those crystal ball things (you know the glass ball things that have little statue thingy’s inside them, and when you shake it around, glitter flies around inside it? -great description I know, the pic above is a feeble google search by me to show you what I mean) anyway, I smashed that on her forehead and to cut a long long long loooonnngg story short, the glass broke (cos she has a big head and all…I’m not kidding, I don’t call her moon head for nothing y’know), the glass went everywhere, her forehead wouldn’t stop bleeding, I panicked and since my mum was in the bathroom a couple of meters away, I knew that if my sister cried, she would hear her and I would get into DEEP SHIT, so I kept telling her to “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!” and then ran to the toilet to get wads of toilet paper which I then tried to mop up the blood with. Needless to say, the blood went everywhere so she cried like crazy and I was shitting myself. My mum came in a couple of minutes later because she had a face mask on and wanted to scare us, instead of her jumping in the room and her scaring us, she jumped in the room, yelled “BOO!”, saw my sister, screamed, yelled at me, panicked and blah blah blah…more yelling, more panicking and in the end, we ended up in the emergency ward of the local hospital. Four hours of bored waiting later, my sister emerged with glass fragments tweezed out of her forehead and four stitches. Oh how I laugh about it now, but trust me, I wasn’t laughing back then. Ah well, I was what? Eleven? 😀



So I don’t particularly hate or love Paris Hilton. However, I’ve just got one thing to say. What was she thinking?! “What was she thinking about what?” you may ask. Well, check this out. On Thursday 16th August, Paris launched her brand-spanking new clothing line at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA . “Fashion” if you want to go that far and actually call it that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some Paris Hilton-hater or anything. It’s just that, these “designs” are so bad! Here, take a look for yourself.

Paris Hilton -Silver Sequin Top Paris Hilton -Gold Metallic Coat

Paris Hilton -Silver Sequin Top (US$78.00)//Paris Hilton -Gold Metallic Coat (US$128.00)

The first top isn’t so bad. I like it. However, the “gold” metallic coat is the one with the issues. First of all honey, it ain’t gold. Second of all, it’s metallic. Thirdly, the material looks like PVC, therefore, it looks like a hooker coat. (Despite the fact that PVC and leather and all things sex-shop style have appeared all over catwalks internationally, I still find it kind of disturbing when I see normal, ordinary people (or anyone for that matter) wearing sprayed on leather trousers and PVC knee-length coats). Anyway, as I was saying, three strikes and your out. I’m sorry Ms Hilton, I mean, I love how your a smart-pretending-to-be-dumb business mogul and having a finger in every pie thing is making you into a multi-millionare/billionare, but really, this and this??! Not working.

Anywho, in other news, JAPANESE EXCHANGE STUDENTS HAVE LANDED IN OUR SCHOOL!! AHHH!!! THEY ARE SO CUUUTEEE!! AND COOL!! “kawaii” hahaha -I think that’s how you spell it anyway. Oh well. I’ll blog more about that next time, because right now, I’ve really got to get my stupid assessment task done. How annoying.

So I’ve been on a mini hiatus for a while. Not because I’ve been busy, quite the contrary in fact. I’ve just been too lazy to actually type something up. I’ve just had this page open, while reading the other 20000 blogs I read daily, and then thinking that I should actually write something soon. A few times I’ve actually come up with what I would write in my head, but then I couldn’t be bothered. Lazy or what? Not only do I procrastinate over school work, I also procrastinate over doing the things I love. Pathetic really LoL.

Anyway, I went to the RMIT University and TAFE open day on Sunday. OHMIGOD!! It only convinced me even more that I want to go to that uni and that uni only. It is SUCH a cool campus! Not only is it in the middle of the city, it also has EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a uni! Better yet, the course/s that I want to do aren’t as theory based as other uni’s. RMIT actually incorporates practical with theory. I love it!! Just one, or two, or ten, tiny-ly massive problems. I need an ENTER score of 97 for Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) and for Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations), I need to sit an extra exam on the school holidays which covers literally EVERYTHING about the world. And if I’m lucky enough to pass that test/exam, I get through to the interview stage. The test/exam is called the Public Relations Entrance Test (PRET) and basically, it tests you on everything and anything. A few of the students that I talked to that have previously completed the test, passed the interview and are now in the course (lucky bitches lol), they said that from now until the test/exam (September 28th) I have got to become an absolute news junkie. Read every single article in every single section of every single newspaper. Even the sports. And business…how boring =P Has anyone done something like this before? If you have, I’d love you if you could tell me what it’s like or just give me some advice =]

Omg, I’m so nervous/excited/stressed about my whole future. It finally hit me like a tonne of bricks yesterday after I applied for my courses next year. It’s taken eight months for it to hit me that year 12 really is IMPORTANT and that I need to study!! *sighhhhsss* shithsithsihtishtishtishtishtishit

I guess I should stop harping on about studying and actually get some done then…procrastinating yet again =P

I’ve realised that I haven’t had the chance to properly introduce myself yet, so here’s your chance to get to know a little bit about me. It’s not the conventional “About Me” post, full of boring questions which I then mist think of something hilariously creative to answer with, because seeing as I’m creatively challenged, I figured it might be better to post seven odd facts about myself.

1. I’m a book worm. A massive book worm. Wait, scrap that, I’m a reading worm. Does that even make sense? LoL. I LOVE to read books, magazines, the newspaper, blogs, hell, even articles from my mum’s Reader’s Digest, though I must admit they may be a tad boring. LoL. Let’s just put it this way, if it has words on it, I’ll read it. I even read the ingredients on my cornflakes in the morning when I’m eating breakfast just so I can read something. …does anyone else think I have OCD for reading? =P

2. I’m a walking contradiction even though I deny it, and try to cover it up when I contradict myself.

3. I was once a member of the Loner’s club in grade 6 made up of 16 people. (refer to above fact).

4. I hate it when people steal the icing of my cakes. Or even the nicest part of the cupcake (the top). It makes me feel cheated and violated. If it’s on my plate, it’s mine. Take any bit but the icing.

5. My mum dressed me until I was about 15. Embarrassing or what?

6. I’m a MASSIVE technophobe or whatever you call it. I completely and utterly SUCK at all things technology related. (Except for my beloved iPod and phone. If I happen to leave one of them at home on a particular day, I feel lost and like one of my limbs are missing. It’s impossible for ,me to function, LoL). Anyway, as I was saying, I suck at technology. Seeing as I’m generation Z and all, you’d think that I was born onto a laptop, clutching the latest BlackBerry and instead of an unbelical cord, I had multiple wires coming out of me, but seriously every single computer I’ve touched, I have managed to somehow stuff something up. If not stuff it up, I’ve blown it up. Literally. Just take a look at my old computer. (Notice how I said old?)

7. One of the best/funniest/wierdest compliments I’ve ever had was, “Omg, the chick I went to the deb with was butt-ugly, even you’re prettier and way better looking that her!” I don’t get complimented that often, and certainly not to my face, but despite the huge potential for insult in that statement, I actually felt quite flattered by it.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach, and I wish I could be there right now with s2 =]

Quote of the Week~

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person." -Audrey Hepburn
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