So I don’t particularly hate or love Paris Hilton. However, I’ve just got one thing to say. What was she thinking?! “What was she thinking about what?” you may ask. Well, check this out. On Thursday 16th August, Paris launched her brand-spanking new clothing line at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA . “Fashion” if you want to go that far and actually call it that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some Paris Hilton-hater or anything. It’s just that, these “designs” are so bad! Here, take a look for yourself.

Paris Hilton -Silver Sequin Top Paris Hilton -Gold Metallic Coat

Paris Hilton -Silver Sequin Top (US$78.00)//Paris Hilton -Gold Metallic Coat (US$128.00)

The first top isn’t so bad. I like it. However, the “gold” metallic coat is the one with the issues. First of all honey, it ain’t gold. Second of all, it’s metallic. Thirdly, the material looks like PVC, therefore, it looks like a hooker coat. (Despite the fact that PVC and leather and all things sex-shop style have appeared all over catwalks internationally, I still find it kind of disturbing when I see normal, ordinary people (or anyone for that matter) wearing sprayed on leather trousers and PVC knee-length coats). Anyway, as I was saying, three strikes and your out. I’m sorry Ms Hilton, I mean, I love how your a smart-pretending-to-be-dumb business mogul and having a finger in every pie thing is making you into a multi-millionare/billionare, but really, this and this??! Not working.

Anywho, in other news, JAPANESE EXCHANGE STUDENTS HAVE LANDED IN OUR SCHOOL!! AHHH!!! THEY ARE SO CUUUTEEE!! AND COOL!! “kawaii” hahaha -I think that’s how you spell it anyway. Oh well. I’ll blog more about that next time, because right now, I’ve really got to get my stupid assessment task done. How annoying.