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Shit. The PRET tommorow. Oh Lord, I’m screwed. I haven’t done anything for it! You’d think I’d actually try and study for it or something…but…

Oh God, *sighs*

That’s it. My futures over before it’s even begun. GOODBYE PUBLIC RELATIONS! GOODBYE RMIT!

*dramatic sigh*


I can safely say that along with the rest of the female population, I have a shoe addiction. I love shoes. The beautiful, the weird, the wonderful. The fat, the ugly, the small ones, the big ones. I love them all. I’m a very accepting person. 😛

Check these babies out:

alessandro deil’acqua milan ss08

My heart goes out to the models who had to walk down the runway with these. [Alessandro Deil’Acqua -Milan ss08]

Prada milan ss08

Whoa. Reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and the teacher let me loose with the PVA glue and the craft box filled with fabric and pom-poms. [Prada -Milan ss08]

Junko Shimada Fall/Winter 2007

Marc Jacobs anyone? But no, not Marc Jacobs. These are actually Junko Shimada. Way higher “heel” than Marc Jacobs too. [Junko Shimada Fall/Winter 2007]

Marc Jacobs NY ss08

I know, I know, everyone’s probably already seen these, but I can’t get over them! They’re so AWESOME!! The colour, the style, everything!! Though I’m thinking the chiropractor would probably stone me for wearing these. [Marc Jacobs -New York ss08]


How cute are they? They would totally make an outfit. Even just a simple jeans and white singlet thrown on with a pair of these and you’d be sparkling. [Bjork shoes from Fornarina]

Marc Jacobs

Look at the heel!! The straps!! EVERYTHING!! AHH!! *squeals* [Marc Jacobs -don’t know what collection]

Christian Louboutin orange alligator ss08

Oh.My.Gosh. I am in LOVE! AHH!! *dreamy sigh* The famous red-soled Christian Louboutin’s. But wait, there’s more!

Christian Louboutin

Oh God, I could be here all day drooling and uploading these. [Both Christian Louboutin. Top one ss08]

Dolce & Gabbana

Like WHOA! S&M much? I love it. The design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana continually pump out the most daring and striking fashion out there. Making “stars look like stars”? Definately. Too bad us common folk don’t have the $$ of the stars. [Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 08]

Omg, I want them all!! And more! Even though I probably wouldn’t wear some, I still want them! 😛


Are you serious?!

Actually, now that I think about it, I actually CAN imagine some girls wearing this type of…monstrosity. I don’t even want to call it a piece of clothing, garment. It’s just plain, slutty! Admit it,all of you out there reading this can actually think of a few girls who would relish this kind of thing. Because I sure can.

I wonder what was going on in the mind of the person who designed this. *shivers*

kids They sure start young these days. Just when you thought you’ve seen and heard enough about the sexploitation of young children in the media, and gotten sick of all the hoo-hah about young models, here comes another story that I found fascinating.

“Victorian education officials say no further action will be taken against a six-year-old boy accused of running a “sex club” at a Melbourne primary school.

The department said it had investigated the claims and admitted the student had exposed other grade one pupils to sexual conversations at the school in the city’s eastern suburbs.

The investigation follows claims by the mother of another six-year-old boy that her son was urged to perform a sex act, while the alleged ringleader had exposed himself in front of other students, reports said.

An education department spokeswoman said the accused perpetrator had received counselling but no further action would be taken.

“The department’s investigation found that the school acted appropriately after receiving these allegations. Counselling has been offered to the students,” the spokeswoman said.

“Parents can be assured that schools have clear guidelines on how to respond to allegations of this nature.” –AAP” [Source]

Okay, uh what? The first sentence, six-year-old boy accused of running a “sex club”, whattt?! The first thought that came to my head was some little boy with a bowl haircut, directing other little kids into a dark corridor into a darkened classroom with other little kids in there. That, is, so, WRONG!! Ew! No! Thanks for the visual guys at The Age! *shudders*

Another thing, how and where did this young buy learn about all these “sexual acts”? When I was six, I still thought that I’d come from the cabbage patch! And here’s this little guy who’s probably still in prep urging other innocent young kids to perform sexual acts. I wonder what his parents are like…You know what they say, monkey see, monkey do…

MOVING ON, “Parents can be assured that schools have clear guidelines on how to respond to allegations of this nature.” Yes, I’m sure primary schools have clear guidelines as to what to do with perverted little kids. Because you know, “it happens all the time”. Righty oh then. I’d expect this kind of behaviour at a high school with testosterone fueled year 9 boys, not teletubby watching grade prep’s. If this report were to say that it was at a high school, then I’m sure my, and everyone else’s reaction would be different, more of a “yeah, whatever, let it go, they’re going through puberty.” But since it’s a six-year old, well *coughs*.

peter jensen

How totally awesome does this cropped jacket look? It reminds me of those candy bracelets and necklaces that I used to love. Actually, still do love. It’s by Peter Jensen, shown at his London Spring/Summer 07 show. The little pastel/candy coloured beads make me want to bite it!

Okay, so my incompetencies with technology is shining through again today. For some stupid reason, I can’t add this link onto my blogroll. And I really want to because I think it’s hilarious and EVERYONE should read it =D

So, READ THIS! It’s just basically a really randomly funny blog that started up a couple of days ago, however, the people behind it, are actually now, quite infamous. The person this blog is named after –Damith– is a funny, average (well, depends what you define as average lol) guy who basically breathes magic. No seriously, you should see him in action, lol, he is AWESOME. If I can, I’ll try to upload a video of him doing something on here. Anyway, the other fellow goes by the name of ‘anonymous’. Weird, I know. However, this ‘anonymous’ guy has gained quite a reputation over at my school as he blogged about what was happening in and around my school and well as quite a few people. Some people may have said that he went too far, some agreed with him and went along for the ride. Nevertheless, even though there were quite a few of us who liked that blog, it was shut down by blogspot, after someone who couldn’t take a joke complained.

Ahh well, all is well now as they have collaborated and now started up a new blog site. Called Damith”s Weblog. Original name huh? Haha 😛

If you do decide to read it, please don’t take anything seriously, they’re just having some fun. Oh, it does provide as a interesting and funny procrastination source.


Omg, so I bought in a picture and everything and told the guy that I wanted to keep my length, just a little trim to get rid of the dead ends, and to just re-layer my hair as it had grown out. But NOOOO! He went crazy! He was hacking away at my hair like there’s no tomorrow! I wanted to scream “STOP!! PUT DOWN THE SCISSORS!!” But the last time I did that, the hairdresses (a different one) got pissed off and I ended up looking like a mushroom with a fringe.

Anyway, so he hacked off half my hair, cut my fringe way wayyy too short, and now I’m thinking that he may as well have shaved all my hair off, a la Brit Brit. Now I’m stressing about what I’m going to do about my formal! How am I going to do my hair!? IT’S TOO SHORT!! I wanted to curl it and leave it down!!

before after

BEFORE                               AFTER

*sighs* Okay, so maybe in these really bad pictures you can’t tell, but seriously, in real life, my “after” fringe is really bad. This photo was taken after I’d come home and attacked it with a hair straightener. So it looks a bit better now.

Oh the drama of a haircut. LoL.

..too bad I couldn’t find the photo of the actual haircut I wanted..

LOL! As soon as I saw this I just had to do a quick post. Check out these model’s for Narciso Rodriguez’s Spring/Summer 08 collection which he showed at the New York fashion week spectacle on September 9, 2007.

Narciso Rodriguez

Check out her elbows!!! And her shoulder blades or whatever they’re called. Geez, looks like she could stab someone with those elbows, or collarbones. So I guess it was appropriate for Narciso Rodriguez to say that his theme was ninja.

Narciso Rodriguez ss08

With knee caps and elbows as sharp as those, it’d seem fair to say that the “ninja” theme really does fit. Put away those numb chucks guys! And that samuri sword! Elbows coming through!

Your scent is the most powerful and memorable thing about you. Before you’ve arrived, after you’ve left, your fragrance will linger in the air. Ever had that “mmmm” moment when you just stop everything and sniff like a dog when a guy or girl walked past? It most likely wasn’t due to the fact that they smelled like B.O, but because they were wearing a gorgeous fragrance. And then about 2 or 3 days later, it will come up in conversation. “Omg, I smelt the best perfume yesterday on some random guy. I can’t even remember his name, but omg, his fragrance!” I’ll bet my life on this that all of you have had this happen to you. And if you haven’t, you need to get out of your cave. Fragrance can be powerful enough to send the wearer or the person beside them, or even the people surrounding them who caught a whiff of it into a euphoric state of consciousness. Out of all the things that can change my mood in an instant, it’s got to be perfume. Men’s or ladies. (I love guys that smell nice ;P)

I don’t know why, but I’ve suddenly started shopping around (sniffing around? lol) for all these different fragrances. I think maybe because summer is approaching and I need a new summery scent. So far, my nose has fallen in love with the likes of Marc Jacobs “Daisy”, Missoni “Acqua”, Vera Wang “Princess” and basically the whole Escada fragrance line -though I do have a little ‘thing’ for their “Sunset Heat” lol.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

This new (much blogged/talked about) scent is described as “a sparkling floral with top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit; a heart of gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals, and a drydown of musk, vanilla infusion and white woods.” Mmm, I love anything with vanilla in it. (That just reminded me of the time in home economics where I poured half a bottle of vanilla essence into my cake instead of 2 drops, or something, because I thought it’d taste more, ‘vanillary’. Alas, it did not. Ended up tasting really really bitter). And the bottle is so cute! The daisies adorning the lid, the shape of the bottle, too cute!

Missoni Acqua

I only discovered this yesterday whilst reading a magazine. You know how they have that little smelly bit where you peel back the ad and you can smell it? Well, lucky I did because I am now in love with this scent. Acqua has top notes of bright bergamot, juicy melon, fresh grapefruit and sensual narcisse; a heart of velvety violet, voluminous peony, blue freesia and crisp muguet, and a drydown of Tuscan iris, jasmine and glimmering “sole,” said to represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water.” And let me assure you, it really does represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water”. When I smelt it, I was instantly transported to the beach. Images of the Mediterranean. Out of all the fragrances I’m blogging about today, this has got to be the most summery one. Love it. Want it. Now. Also helps that the bottle is a beautiful colour and the famous Missoni print sets that green off perfectly.

Vera Wang Princess

Princess by Vera Wang is an enchanting celebration of femininity and youth. This whimsical scent mixes flowers and fruits like mandarin, meringue, pink guava, Tahitian tiare flower, vanilla chiffon and forbidden woods for a radiant and sparkling result. I know that this isn’t exactly new, but I still love it. Since my first sniff till now, I’ve been hooked. Too bad I’m broke 😦 But really, this perfume fits the whole “celebration of femininity and youth” thing perfectly. I feel beautiful, young, spirited and just like a princess whenever I smell it or spray it on (at my local Myer’s :P). Not only is the actual perfume beautiful, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, just look at it! It’s in a heart shape, it has a golden jewel encrusted crown for the lid and it’s purple! My favourite colour!*sighs*

Escada Sunset Heat

Think golden tans, music rolling over the sea, beach parties and long hot days – it’s a good time in a bottle. I love the killer “fruity notes of papaya, lemon, mango sherbet, pineapple mousse and icy watermelon. Floral notes create a flirty heart, with lotus flower and hibiscus adding a tropical touch and sandalwood, amber crystals and musk completing the fragrance for a warm, sun kissed finish.” The perfect summer fragrance, it will be sure to evoke memories of warm summer nights, long walks on the beach, summer romances, and party time. There’s just one problem. The bottle. Don’t you agree that it looks kind of cheap and well, plastic? Love the fragrance, not so much the bottle. Oh well, I’ll get over that. Actually, over it already. BRING ON THE ESCADA AND SUMMER!! 🙂

My way of sending a message to the world? My perfume. Long after I’ve left, I will still be there. In scent.

I was going to post this some other day, but I just can’t wait. I’ve spent the WHOLE day/night today, looking at vintage clothes, shoes, bags and jewelery. It all started when I remembered that I wanted to go on a little op-shop shopping hunt on the weekend. So I innocently googled “vintage shops”, “op-shops in Melbourne” and went on the Vogue Forum to check out what other people thought were great places to go. And now, after 5 hours of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over things that I wish I could have but can’t afford, I’ve landed on Ebay. Just randomly checking out all the vintage dresses and shoes. And ohmygod, let me tell you know, it’s a treasure trove!! I really really really wish I had an unlimited everything paid for credit card, where I could buy anything and everything I wanted without having to even bat an eyelid. Ahh, now that’d be the life. 🙂

Anywho, here’s a few things I found when during my first 5 minutes on Ebay. After that, there were too many things that I wanted to save, so I just gave up and squealed whilst staring at them for a long time.

Orange disco spring sandle Red swirly patent heels Velvet blue heels vintage purple leather pumps italian twiggy mod loafer pumps

And that was not even 5 minutes after clicking! Imagine what I would be able to find if I actually sat down and looked through everything =D …too bad I don’t have a credit card, ahh well, next year 😀


glitter belt

And this too-cute dress, which is made out of T-shirt material. It’s got 80’s comic/pop art drawings on it. Kind of reminds me of pajamas for some reason lol. Just imagine wearing that in Spring/Summer by itself with cute sandals or thongs, or with a basic T-shirt/singlet underneath. And then in Autumn/Winter, wear it over a black turtleneck skivvy with black stockings. How cool would that be? It’d totally brighten up my winter/autumn wardrobe. 😀

80’s singlet pop art dress -front 80’s singlet pop art dress -back

And lucky last, look at this 70’s black dress. With gathered sleeves that puff and a flowy hem, this dress would flatter anyone and everyone. I want.

black runhed and puff dress

If only I had an unlimited, all expenses paid for credit card…….. *dreams*

Quote of the Week~

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person." -Audrey Hepburn
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