Okay, so I was just talking to a friend and I was saying how I loved Mika’s album and that I’m obsessed with a couple of his songs (Happy Ending and Love Today FYI). So my friend was like, “your obsessed with everything, name one thing your not obsessed with”. And that got me thinking, what don’t I like?

This was my answer to him: (him -blue, me -pink)

me: just happen to like alot of things
him: tell me one<—1 thing urnot
me: one thing i don’t like?
stuck up snobs and beetles 😐

i also don’t like washing the plates with no gloves

hmm what else..

i don’t like people getting hurt
oh, and i don’t like it when people wear the same colour denim on denim
i alsoooo don’t like it when people be disrespectful

i don’t like alot of things actually
him: lol

me: ..i hate it when i see those commercials of poor kids and stuff
him: >_>”

me: but it’s worse in real life

him: omg, shut up already

me: i don’t like the smell of gucci rush cos that gets up my nose and makes me sneeze

..uh, i don’t like kissing onion breath
him: zzz
me: you asked
him: lol

me: hahahaha
him: stop!! xd

me: lol!!! okay okay
i told you i have a lot of things i don’t like

in particular my mum =|

oh, and i have to add this in…i hate it when i fail something
…except for when i expect it
then that’s sorta okay..but not really

OH and i can’t not say this one, i absolutely HATE HATE HATE it when my msn or net stuffs up
or when my laptop stuffs up
now THAT’S what gets me aggro

actually, there’s really only 2 or 3 ways to piss me off
1. be my mum, 2. fuck my internet and laptop up, 3. hurt the people i love

yup, that’s about it πŸ˜›

But that’s the problem, that’s not really about it. There are alot more things that I don’t like. Most of which are personal family matters concerning my mother. Generally, I am a very happy person. I want everyone to be happy and I know this sounds really superficial and generic, and even vain -vain, I am not (even though I’m an attention whore :p), but I hate hate hate it when I see other people cry, are hurt, or in some way sad. Something just tugs at my heartstrings. So when I see people cry, all I want to do is cry too. Maybe it’s something to do with how I was treated growing up and now, or what I’ve witnessed and seen as a child, and what I still witness and see. Most of which your average teenager at my school wouldn’t even dream of in their nightmares. However, when I see people crying, I seriously do not know what to do. Do I go and hug them? Ask them what’s wrong? Pat them on the head?! You see, I may be an extremely emotional person, but I have no idea what to do when I see others hurt. Kind of sad really. Considering I spend a substantial amount of time when I’m at home crying/trying not to cry unsuccessfully, you’d think I would know what to do when others cry. *sighs*

What a post. So depressing.

That’s another thing. I am the total opposite of a depressed person. Well, that’s what I try to show the world anyway. I try to keep home and school life -including friends, apart. School =fun, laughter, happiness, friends, whereas home =mother, bitchyness, hurt…etc.. So to anyone and everyone who always says to me. “Daniella, your going to die smiling”, “Dani, I’ve never seen you sad or pissed off” I say to them, that’s because I’m not at home, my mother isn’t nearby and I’m surrounded at school by the people I love.

I just remembered this really good quote that I read somewhere that I try to live my life by. It would help if I remembered the actual wording of the quote and who said it though lol. Anyway, it goes something like “it doesn’t matter what you feel like inside, it’s how you present yourself to the world that counts. So go on, mop up your mascara, get out there and kick some arse!”

This is embarrassing. I can’t believe I’m actually going to post this. Good thing practically no-one reads my blog then. lol.

*deep breath…..annnnnddd CLICK!! PUBLISH!!!*