Okay, so my incompetencies with technology is shining through again today. For some stupid reason, I can’t add this link onto my blogroll. And I really want to because I think it’s hilarious and EVERYONE should read it =D

So, READ THIS! It’s just basically a really randomly funny blog that started up a couple of days ago, however, the people behind it, are actually now, quite infamous. The person this blog is named after –Damith– is a funny, average (well, depends what you define as average lol) guy who basically breathes magic. No seriously, you should see him in action, lol, he is AWESOME. If I can, I’ll try to upload a video of him doing something on here. Anyway, the other fellow goes by the name of ‘anonymous’. Weird, I know. However, this ‘anonymous’ guy has gained quite a reputation over at my school as he blogged about what was happening in and around my school and well as quite a few people. Some people may have said that he went too far, some agreed with him and went along for the ride. Nevertheless, even though there were quite a few of us who liked that blog, it was shut down by blogspot, after someone who couldn’t take a joke complained.

Ahh well, all is well now as they have collaborated and now started up a new blog site. Called Damith”s Weblog. Original name huh? Haha 😛

If you do decide to read it, please don’t take anything seriously, they’re just having some fun. Oh, it does provide as a interesting and funny procrastination source.