kids They sure start young these days. Just when you thought you’ve seen and heard enough about the sexploitation of young children in the media, and gotten sick of all the hoo-hah about young models, here comes another story that I found fascinating.

“Victorian education officials say no further action will be taken against a six-year-old boy accused of running a “sex club” at a Melbourne primary school.

The department said it had investigated the claims and admitted the student had exposed other grade one pupils to sexual conversations at the school in the city’s eastern suburbs.

The investigation follows claims by the mother of another six-year-old boy that her son was urged to perform a sex act, while the alleged ringleader had exposed himself in front of other students, reports said.

An education department spokeswoman said the accused perpetrator had received counselling but no further action would be taken.

“The department’s investigation found that the school acted appropriately after receiving these allegations. Counselling has been offered to the students,” the spokeswoman said.

“Parents can be assured that schools have clear guidelines on how to respond to allegations of this nature.” –AAP” [Source]

Okay, uh what? The first sentence, six-year-old boy accused of running a “sex club”, whattt?! The first thought that came to my head was some little boy with a bowl haircut, directing other little kids into a dark corridor into a darkened classroom with other little kids in there. That, is, so, WRONG!! Ew! No! Thanks for the visual guys at The Age! *shudders*

Another thing, how and where did this young buy learn about all these “sexual acts”? When I was six, I still thought that I’d come from the cabbage patch! And here’s this little guy who’s probably still in prep urging other innocent young kids to perform sexual acts. I wonder what his parents are like…You know what they say, monkey see, monkey do…

MOVING ON, “Parents can be assured that schools have clear guidelines on how to respond to allegations of this nature.” Yes, I’m sure primary schools have clear guidelines as to what to do with perverted little kids. Because you know, “it happens all the time”. Righty oh then. I’d expect this kind of behaviour at a high school with testosterone fueled year 9 boys, not teletubby watching grade prep’s. If this report were to say that it was at a high school, then I’m sure my, and everyone else’s reaction would be different, more of a “yeah, whatever, let it go, they’re going through puberty.” But since it’s a six-year old, well *coughs*.