My poor feet. My poor, poor feet. I don’t know how all you everyday-stiletto-wearing-chiquitas do it, but my feet are dead. Just one day of running, yes running, in heels around and around a suburb filming for a school concert, has given me blisters and feet that are refusing to get into any form of footwear. Be it thongs, or my super comfy moccasins. And to make things worse, the whole day today, I trotted around in my fire engine red Steve Maddens, which we all know, look good, but kill your feet if you attempt to walk in them for more than 2 hours. Yes whine whine whine, lol.

ANYWAY, moving on, I went formal dress shopping today on Chapel Street (South Yarra, Melbourne, Aussie-land -for all you international folk =P) and then later on, went to Melbourne Central. We (Mat and I) went into about 10,000 stores and I tried on about 50 dresses. The poor guy was probably so bored haha, at least he learnt something from this “experience”. As we were walking through Myer (massive department store -meaning that I was frantically looking left, right and center for dresses) he said to me, “Girls have it so hard.” Actually, this was our convo, well, what I remember of it:

Him: “Girls have it so hard.”
Me -looking at him questioningly: “Uh, why? What makes you say that?”
Him: “Well, just watching you shop today, it’s like…”
Me: “haha yeah?”
Him: “Well, I never knew that girls had it so hard, like, to find clothes and stuff.”
Me: “Haha well, now you know that when we complain that we ‘couldn’t find anything’, we actually mean it, and we’re not just whining.”
Him: “Yeah, well, for guys, it’s so much easier. (Referring to formal wear ie. suits) We all look the same anyway. But for girls, you guys actually have to find a dress that fits you, looks nice, (gesturing to body parts as he speaks) fits your, you know, boobs and doesn’t make your (inverted commas with fingers) ‘bum look big’ and the colour also has to suit you too.”
Me: ” Ha, you ain’t seen nothing yet hun (continues flipping through the racks of clothes).”

Yup, I think one more ‘typical-male-who-never-goes-shopping-unless-his-sister-or-mother-buys-him-something’ has been enlightened on the way females shop. Shopping is an inexact science. 😛

Well, at Pilgrim, I tried on this gorgeous satin with lace detailing boob tube dress that ties at the back. I tried it on in mocha and canary yellow. The fabric is so nice! I liked it and Mat seemed to like it too. They were$249.95 each. I’ll upload photos of them tomorrow, because I really can’t be bothered going to get my camera right now.

Heidi Strapless Dress in Mocha

PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress champagne frontFront PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress champagne back BackPILGRIM -heidi strapless dress champagne side Side PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress yellow side PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress yellow front PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress yellow back
Then at GASP, I tried on this totally hot yet still formal appropriate purple dress. It’s $400. My mum would kill me LoL. Especially since it’s kind of well, exposing on the breasts side of things. At first, when I tried it on, I felt kind of self-conscious cos never mind the fact that I don’t have boobs, but I like, never wear things like this. But talk about WOW, the dress totally made it look like I had coconuts for a chest, talk about cleavage galore haha. Also helped that Mat was really, and I mean, really, enthusiastic about this dress too. I wonder why. LoL. The fabric was about this kind of purple, and it had a satin underlay with chiffon on top. (These photos are really bad because I wasn’t allowed to take a photo but I did anyway, in the REALLY badly lit change room with no flash).

GASP- side GASP- back

And the last dress that I have my eye on is by SEDUCE. It’s so cute! And gorgeous! I want it! Helps that it’s only $179.95 😀

Luxed Up Strapless Dress

SEDUCE SEDUCE- side SEDUCE- front SEDUCE- back1 .SEDUCE- side2

How nice is it? I know it’s a bit “leggy” but with heels, it almost makes me look like I have legs up to my armpits! (Yeah I know, keep dreaming). It’s really really figure flattering too. In real life, the fabric kind of shimmers. I think you can sort of tell by the picture. But I didn’t take a photo of it either! Shit, I’ll take one tomorrow. I think I might get this one, I’ve kind of fallen in love with it, so has Mat. When we were heading back home, I asked him, “so which one did you like the best?” He was like, “the purple one and the last one you tried on.” Ha, I wonder why. And you know what else also suprised me? Whilst we were in Alannah Hill (where I tried on another dress but he wasn’t entirely too keen on it and neither was I), he said to me, “You know what colours suit you? Yellow, that purple and blues.” I was gobsmacked. Shocked beyond belief to a point where I actually laughed. Here was the self confessed shopping hater giving me advice as to what looks good on me, and I don’t even know that! Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve converted yet another male into the joys of shopping. 😛