The search continues. Here’s another batch of photo’s from some store on Lygon Street. Can’t remember the name of the store, but yeah, here goes:

TRUESE- front1 TRUESE- side TRUESE- back TRUESE- side2

It’s$289.95. Yup, don’t think it’s worth it, but yeahhhh…*sighs*

Oh, and I forgot to upload the other GASP dress pictures:

GASP- front2 GASP- side3

Yeahh…SUGGESTIONS?! COMMENTS?? PLEASE?! I’m so lost and confused lol, I have until the 23rd of THIS MONTH to buy a dress. =S Every store that I went into, the sales lady would ask me, “Oh, so what’s the occasion?” I would reply, “school formal”, then their reply would be, “wow, lovely, when is it?”, my answer…”umm, the 23rd….” Their shocked reply “Of what?? THIS MONTH?!” Me, “um, yeahhhh..”