FINALLY! Woohoo! Got my highly stressed over formal dress. I ended up getting the blue/silver one from SEDUCE.
(See previous posts for pictures)

Now I have to go hunt around for shoes, accessories, figure out how to do my hair and makeup blah blah blah…get a tan and study for exams in the process.

I have my eye on a pair of chrome silver shoes from Shoo-Biz. They’re stilleto pointy toes that I could wear under jeans or something after the formal. ($100)

ShooBiz -silver/chrome2 ShooBiz -silver/chrome
OR these, also from ShooBiz. ($79.95)

ShooBiz -silver ShooBiz -silver2

I think I prefer the first ones because they aren’t as “shiny” as the second ones. They’re more chrome so it’d go with my dress better, but I don’t knooowww…OR there’s the ones from SEDUCE. I didn’t take a photo of them but you can sort of see them in the pictures that I took whilst wearing the blue dress.

Formal Dress

I couldn’t find any pictures of a decent silver clutch, but that bracelet is from Tiffany’s for $112. I want!!
What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?