So I stole this off Dilan, who stole it off Open Source. There, now that I’ve acknowledged my sources like any other “good internet citizen/blogger”, I’m going to get on with it and plagiarise the whole post off Open Source =P

  1. You do not make moronic “first post lol” posts. Anywhere.
  2. You have a logical email address which has something in common with your handle/name
  3. Your handle does not include numbers.
  4. You do not have a Myspace
  5. You do not blog about your pets.
  6. You do not blog about your ex-girlfriends.
  7. You do not visit, mention, hint about, dream or think about /b/.
  8. You know what HTTP, HTML, PHP, SQL RoR and Perl stand for.
  9. You know that there is no cabal.
  10. You do not use “lol”
  11. You do not post idiotic videos of yourself talking into a webcam on Youtube. Podcasts are around for a reason: we can listen to what you’re saying without having to stare at your ugly mug.
  12. Your website is XHTML 1.0 compatible.
  13. You understand CSS and why it is important
  14. You understand that “accessibility” doesn’t just mean wheelchair ramps
  15. You make useful edits to Wikipedia.
  16. You mod down tired memes on slashdot.
  17. You digg responsibly.
  18. You make sure your computer is safe from malware, lest you spill it on to the greater internet.
  19. You are skeptical.
  20. You delete spam.
  21. You do not forward chain email.
  22. You keep your preference of emacs or vi to yourself.
  23. You are not a Mac Zealot.
  24. You campaign for Net Neutrality.
  25. You resist the uncontrollable urge to vandalize the Bratz: The Movie page on Wikipedia.


I do not have the foggiest clue what number 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23 and 24 are on about O_o As for the rest of the points, HA!

1. I made a moronic “first post”right here on this very blog. Hell, I even titled it “First Post”. Wow. Read it if you wish to waste time and die of boredom.
2. Silver_fairy is NOT my name.
4. I have a Myspace but alas, no Facebook, I’m afraid I’m too…how do they say it? Oh yes, “noob” to get one.
5+6.I don’t have pets or girlfriends (oh wait, I had goldfish once but they died -I’ll save that story for another post).
10. I “lol” like crazy, though I try to restrict myself on here because I know people will get annoyed after a while.
11. I don’t even post pictures of my whole body, why would I post a video of myself?
15. Same principal applies to Wikipedia. I don’t even use that site, why would I waste time editing it when I could be watching the latest fashion runway show or reading blogs?
19. Skeptical? About what? Why?
20. I don’t delete spam, WordPress deletes it for me.
21. I don’t even read the chain mail. Oh wait, I lie, I do sometimes.
25. Bratz? Are you retarded?

Oh, and I apologise, yet another non-fashion/beauty related post.