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Just half dead =P I promise to resume blogging once this craziness has stopped, which I know wont, so at least PAUSED. In the meantime…


So I’ve vanished from the blog-o-sphere for about 2 months. Sort of my fault, sort of not. The not bit being my laptop getting taken away from me (long story =P) and the yes bit being that I just haven’t really seen anything that inspires me, coupled with plain laziness and my increasingly lack of time in the time when I thought I’d have endless amounts of time to do nothing. Ah well. Well, I’m pleased to say “I’MMMM BBACCCCKK!!” with a new job too! Eek!! I’m so so sooo excited! It’s for Myer working at the Benefit beauty counter in Chadstone and Bourke st stores as a “beauty advisor” (love the title). I can’t wait! Woopie!


Moving on, it’s 2008!! And borrowing Lite ‘n’ Easy’s catch phrase, “new year, new you!” I can’t wait! I’ve finally finished high school *tear*, turned 18 and hopefully, starting uni this year! However, instead of making the usual new years resolution that I will have forgotten what it was even about by mid-January, I’ve decided to come up with 5 goals that I would like to achieve by the end of this year. In no particular order…

1) Save up $3000.
2) Achieve a credit or distinction average in uni.
3) Get my driver’s liscene by June! (P’s)
4) Be more consistent with my blog posts and improve my writing.
5) Lose 5 kilos, tone up and preferably have some sort of work-out/training/getting fit program thing in place.

I know, most of them do sound a little outrageous, but hey? I won’t know if I can do it if I don’t try right? Hmm, wish me luck!

One last thing, happy new year everyone! I hope you all have an awesome year filled with everything that you could ever wish for and want!

Christian Dior, the French fashion house that has been not only around for decades, but has also been noted for its extravagance and beauty time and time again, have put out a video that shows the haute couture runway shows from the years gone by. When the runway compilation fends we meet John Gilliano, who talks us through his favourite Couture dresses – some his own designs and some from the days of Christian Dior himself.

I love Christian Dior. It has been one of, if not, my favourite haute couture design houses. Especially with their dramatic runway shows, elaborate designs and Gilliano as their head designer, we’ve seen Dior go from strength to strength.


…to be continued

Your scent is the most powerful and memorable thing about you. Before you’ve arrived, after you’ve left, your fragrance will linger in the air. Ever had that “mmmm” moment when you just stop everything and sniff like a dog when a guy or girl walked past? It most likely wasn’t due to the fact that they smelled like B.O, but because they were wearing a gorgeous fragrance. And then about 2 or 3 days later, it will come up in conversation. “Omg, I smelt the best perfume yesterday on some random guy. I can’t even remember his name, but omg, his fragrance!” I’ll bet my life on this that all of you have had this happen to you. And if you haven’t, you need to get out of your cave. Fragrance can be powerful enough to send the wearer or the person beside them, or even the people surrounding them who caught a whiff of it into a euphoric state of consciousness. Out of all the things that can change my mood in an instant, it’s got to be perfume. Men’s or ladies. (I love guys that smell nice ;P)

I don’t know why, but I’ve suddenly started shopping around (sniffing around? lol) for all these different fragrances. I think maybe because summer is approaching and I need a new summery scent. So far, my nose has fallen in love with the likes of Marc Jacobs “Daisy”, Missoni “Acqua”, Vera Wang “Princess” and basically the whole Escada fragrance line -though I do have a little ‘thing’ for their “Sunset Heat” lol.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

This new (much blogged/talked about) scent is described as “a sparkling floral with top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit; a heart of gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals, and a drydown of musk, vanilla infusion and white woods.” Mmm, I love anything with vanilla in it. (That just reminded me of the time in home economics where I poured half a bottle of vanilla essence into my cake instead of 2 drops, or something, because I thought it’d taste more, ‘vanillary’. Alas, it did not. Ended up tasting really really bitter). And the bottle is so cute! The daisies adorning the lid, the shape of the bottle, too cute!

Missoni Acqua

I only discovered this yesterday whilst reading a magazine. You know how they have that little smelly bit where you peel back the ad and you can smell it? Well, lucky I did because I am now in love with this scent. Acqua has top notes of bright bergamot, juicy melon, fresh grapefruit and sensual narcisse; a heart of velvety violet, voluminous peony, blue freesia and crisp muguet, and a drydown of Tuscan iris, jasmine and glimmering “sole,” said to represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water.” And let me assure you, it really does represent “the warmth of the sun hitting the open water”. When I smelt it, I was instantly transported to the beach. Images of the Mediterranean. Out of all the fragrances I’m blogging about today, this has got to be the most summery one. Love it. Want it. Now. Also helps that the bottle is a beautiful colour and the famous Missoni print sets that green off perfectly.

Vera Wang Princess

Princess by Vera Wang is an enchanting celebration of femininity and youth. This whimsical scent mixes flowers and fruits like mandarin, meringue, pink guava, Tahitian tiare flower, vanilla chiffon and forbidden woods for a radiant and sparkling result. I know that this isn’t exactly new, but I still love it. Since my first sniff till now, I’ve been hooked. Too bad I’m broke 😦 But really, this perfume fits the whole “celebration of femininity and youth” thing perfectly. I feel beautiful, young, spirited and just like a princess whenever I smell it or spray it on (at my local Myer’s :P). Not only is the actual perfume beautiful, the bottle is absolutely gorgeous! I mean, just look at it! It’s in a heart shape, it has a golden jewel encrusted crown for the lid and it’s purple! My favourite colour!*sighs*

Escada Sunset Heat

Think golden tans, music rolling over the sea, beach parties and long hot days – it’s a good time in a bottle. I love the killer “fruity notes of papaya, lemon, mango sherbet, pineapple mousse and icy watermelon. Floral notes create a flirty heart, with lotus flower and hibiscus adding a tropical touch and sandalwood, amber crystals and musk completing the fragrance for a warm, sun kissed finish.” The perfect summer fragrance, it will be sure to evoke memories of warm summer nights, long walks on the beach, summer romances, and party time. There’s just one problem. The bottle. Don’t you agree that it looks kind of cheap and well, plastic? Love the fragrance, not so much the bottle. Oh well, I’ll get over that. Actually, over it already. BRING ON THE ESCADA AND SUMMER!! πŸ™‚

My way of sending a message to the world? My perfume. Long after I’ve left, I will still be there. In scent.

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