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Christian Dior, the French fashion house that has been not only around for decades, but has also been noted for its extravagance and beauty time and time again, have put out a video that shows the haute couture runway shows from the years gone by. When the runway compilation fends we meet John Gilliano, who talks us through his favourite Couture dresses – some his own designs and some from the days of Christian Dior himself.

I love Christian Dior. It has been one of, if not, my favourite haute couture design houses. Especially with their dramatic runway shows, elaborate designs and Gilliano as their head designer, we’ve seen Dior go from strength to strength.


It seems as though the shift from the normal catwalks to something a bit “different” has taken a step further.

After the stunning Fendi Spring/Summer 08 show presented by Karl Lagerfeld on the Great Wall of China, which had a total of 88 models who were wearing a mixture of new items and clothes from the Spring/Summer collection walked along an 88 meter runway (the number 8 is extremely lucky in China), Pierre Cardin has staged his collection at his own bigger and more exotic location on the Gobi Desert.

At Fendi, the Kaiser had 500 guests climbed the steep stone steps to the wall to watch the amazing show. Guests included Thandie Newton, Ziyi Zhang, Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau. “I think it’s the first fashion show visible from the moon,” Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. The incredibly ambitious project highlights the growing importance of China as a place where “things are happening”. The show was not linked to any boutique openings although China can already boast ten Fendi stores. [Source: WWD]

Fendi great wall

The 4,000 mile long wall was perfect for the show. Lagerfeld commented, “In fact, this wall was built like a runway…Can you imagine the physical difficulty in building something like this in those days?”

And then Pierre Cardin comes along and decides to try and out-do the Kaiser with his very own fashion spectacular!
“I’ve been on a lot of voyages,” Cardin told WWD. “But this one was very special for me. The light and the emptiness and the color of the sand against the blue sky — it was like showing fashion on the edge of infinity.”

Pierre Cardin

The show was thought of as a prelude to a musical production for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing which Chinese officials have invited Cardin to stage. I wonder what his designs will be like in Beijing… [Source: WWD, Trendhunter Magazine]

It seems like every celebrity these days are getting into the fashion business. Though it makes sense, do we really want to buy something that the likes of Paris Hilton and co. have designed or endorsed? Judging by their fashion choices alone, I’d say no.
However, one American designer handbag and small leathergoods company in particular who seems to really have taken on the concept of celebrity endorsements and has now developed it as far as to have current “It” girl Hayden Panettiere design her own “it” bag is Donney & Bourke. Having already had celebrity spokespeople such as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan to front their advertising campaigns and Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts’ niece) co-design a bag, they’ve now decided to up the anty with Miss Panettiere designing her very own ‘dream bag’ in collaboration with Peter Dooney.

Hayden and Dooney & Bourke

“I wanted to do something people haven’t seen from Dooney & Burke before, so my bag is red patent leather,” Hayden said.

The designing process began with Hayden describing to Dooney just what she envisioned: a large leather shoulder bag with puffy pleats, a buckle closure and great style. Sketches were drawn by the design team, then Dooney transformed her ideas into prototypes at Dooney & Bourke’s design studio in Florence, Italy. After a few changes from Hayden, we have the “HP” bag.

The “dream bag” will go on sale December and retail for $500. No, you wont be paying $500 for patent leather, you’ll be paying $500 for the 18k gold accents. Also it is available in black, brown, red and white.

Seems like the “Emma” from Donney & Bourke weren’t enough. Neither are the ever exclusive and forever loved classic “Kelly” and “Birkin” bags that Vicky B seems to have an endless supply of.

I want a bag to be named after me. The “Daniella” …has a nice ring to it 😀

FINALLY! Woohoo! Got my highly stressed over formal dress. I ended up getting the blue/silver one from SEDUCE.
(See previous posts for pictures)

Now I have to go hunt around for shoes, accessories, figure out how to do my hair and makeup blah blah blah…get a tan and study for exams in the process.

I have my eye on a pair of chrome silver shoes from Shoo-Biz. They’re stilleto pointy toes that I could wear under jeans or something after the formal. ($100)

ShooBiz -silver/chrome2 ShooBiz -silver/chrome
OR these, also from ShooBiz. ($79.95)

ShooBiz -silver ShooBiz -silver2

I think I prefer the first ones because they aren’t as “shiny” as the second ones. They’re more chrome so it’d go with my dress better, but I don’t knooowww…OR there’s the ones from SEDUCE. I didn’t take a photo of them but you can sort of see them in the pictures that I took whilst wearing the blue dress.

Formal Dress

I couldn’t find any pictures of a decent silver clutch, but that bracelet is from Tiffany’s for $112. I want!!
What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?

The search continues. Here’s another batch of photo’s from some store on Lygon Street. Can’t remember the name of the store, but yeah, here goes:

TRUESE- front1 TRUESE- side TRUESE- back TRUESE- side2

It’s$289.95. Yup, don’t think it’s worth it, but yeahhhh…*sighs*

Oh, and I forgot to upload the other GASP dress pictures:

GASP- front2 GASP- side3

Yeahh…SUGGESTIONS?! COMMENTS?? PLEASE?! I’m so lost and confused lol, I have until the 23rd of THIS MONTH to buy a dress. =S Every store that I went into, the sales lady would ask me, “Oh, so what’s the occasion?” I would reply, “school formal”, then their reply would be, “wow, lovely, when is it?”, my answer…”umm, the 23rd….” Their shocked reply “Of what?? THIS MONTH?!” Me, “um, yeahhhh..”


My poor feet. My poor, poor feet. I don’t know how all you everyday-stiletto-wearing-chiquitas do it, but my feet are dead. Just one day of running, yes running, in heels around and around a suburb filming for a school concert, has given me blisters and feet that are refusing to get into any form of footwear. Be it thongs, or my super comfy moccasins. And to make things worse, the whole day today, I trotted around in my fire engine red Steve Maddens, which we all know, look good, but kill your feet if you attempt to walk in them for more than 2 hours. Yes whine whine whine, lol.

ANYWAY, moving on, I went formal dress shopping today on Chapel Street (South Yarra, Melbourne, Aussie-land -for all you international folk =P) and then later on, went to Melbourne Central. We (Mat and I) went into about 10,000 stores and I tried on about 50 dresses. The poor guy was probably so bored haha, at least he learnt something from this “experience”. As we were walking through Myer (massive department store -meaning that I was frantically looking left, right and center for dresses) he said to me, “Girls have it so hard.” Actually, this was our convo, well, what I remember of it:

Him: “Girls have it so hard.”
Me -looking at him questioningly: “Uh, why? What makes you say that?”
Him: “Well, just watching you shop today, it’s like…”
Me: “haha yeah?”
Him: “Well, I never knew that girls had it so hard, like, to find clothes and stuff.”
Me: “Haha well, now you know that when we complain that we ‘couldn’t find anything’, we actually mean it, and we’re not just whining.”
Him: “Yeah, well, for guys, it’s so much easier. (Referring to formal wear ie. suits) We all look the same anyway. But for girls, you guys actually have to find a dress that fits you, looks nice, (gesturing to body parts as he speaks) fits your, you know, boobs and doesn’t make your (inverted commas with fingers) ‘bum look big’ and the colour also has to suit you too.”
Me: ” Ha, you ain’t seen nothing yet hun (continues flipping through the racks of clothes).”

Yup, I think one more ‘typical-male-who-never-goes-shopping-unless-his-sister-or-mother-buys-him-something’ has been enlightened on the way females shop. Shopping is an inexact science. 😛

Well, at Pilgrim, I tried on this gorgeous satin with lace detailing boob tube dress that ties at the back. I tried it on in mocha and canary yellow. The fabric is so nice! I liked it and Mat seemed to like it too. They were$249.95 each. I’ll upload photos of them tomorrow, because I really can’t be bothered going to get my camera right now.

Heidi Strapless Dress in Mocha

PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress champagne frontFront PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress champagne back BackPILGRIM -heidi strapless dress champagne side Side PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress yellow side PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress yellow front PILGRIM -heidi strapless dress yellow back
Then at GASP, I tried on this totally hot yet still formal appropriate purple dress. It’s $400. My mum would kill me LoL. Especially since it’s kind of well, exposing on the breasts side of things. At first, when I tried it on, I felt kind of self-conscious cos never mind the fact that I don’t have boobs, but I like, never wear things like this. But talk about WOW, the dress totally made it look like I had coconuts for a chest, talk about cleavage galore haha. Also helped that Mat was really, and I mean, really, enthusiastic about this dress too. I wonder why. LoL. The fabric was about this kind of purple, and it had a satin underlay with chiffon on top. (These photos are really bad because I wasn’t allowed to take a photo but I did anyway, in the REALLY badly lit change room with no flash).

GASP- side GASP- back

And the last dress that I have my eye on is by SEDUCE. It’s so cute! And gorgeous! I want it! Helps that it’s only $179.95 😀

Luxed Up Strapless Dress

SEDUCE SEDUCE- side SEDUCE- front SEDUCE- back1 .SEDUCE- side2

How nice is it? I know it’s a bit “leggy” but with heels, it almost makes me look like I have legs up to my armpits! (Yeah I know, keep dreaming). It’s really really figure flattering too. In real life, the fabric kind of shimmers. I think you can sort of tell by the picture. But I didn’t take a photo of it either! Shit, I’ll take one tomorrow. I think I might get this one, I’ve kind of fallen in love with it, so has Mat. When we were heading back home, I asked him, “so which one did you like the best?” He was like, “the purple one and the last one you tried on.” Ha, I wonder why. And you know what else also suprised me? Whilst we were in Alannah Hill (where I tried on another dress but he wasn’t entirely too keen on it and neither was I), he said to me, “You know what colours suit you? Yellow, that purple and blues.” I was gobsmacked. Shocked beyond belief to a point where I actually laughed. Here was the self confessed shopping hater giving me advice as to what looks good on me, and I don’t even know that! Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve converted yet another male into the joys of shopping. 😛

I can safely say that along with the rest of the female population, I have a shoe addiction. I love shoes. The beautiful, the weird, the wonderful. The fat, the ugly, the small ones, the big ones. I love them all. I’m a very accepting person. 😛

Check these babies out:

alessandro deil’acqua milan ss08

My heart goes out to the models who had to walk down the runway with these. [Alessandro Deil’Acqua -Milan ss08]

Prada milan ss08

Whoa. Reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and the teacher let me loose with the PVA glue and the craft box filled with fabric and pom-poms. [Prada -Milan ss08]

Junko Shimada Fall/Winter 2007

Marc Jacobs anyone? But no, not Marc Jacobs. These are actually Junko Shimada. Way higher “heel” than Marc Jacobs too. [Junko Shimada Fall/Winter 2007]

Marc Jacobs NY ss08

I know, I know, everyone’s probably already seen these, but I can’t get over them! They’re so AWESOME!! The colour, the style, everything!! Though I’m thinking the chiropractor would probably stone me for wearing these. [Marc Jacobs -New York ss08]


How cute are they? They would totally make an outfit. Even just a simple jeans and white singlet thrown on with a pair of these and you’d be sparkling. [Bjork shoes from Fornarina]

Marc Jacobs

Look at the heel!! The straps!! EVERYTHING!! AHH!! *squeals* [Marc Jacobs -don’t know what collection]

Christian Louboutin orange alligator ss08

Oh.My.Gosh. I am in LOVE! AHH!! *dreamy sigh* The famous red-soled Christian Louboutin’s. But wait, there’s more!

Christian Louboutin

Oh God, I could be here all day drooling and uploading these. [Both Christian Louboutin. Top one ss08]

Dolce & Gabbana

Like WHOA! S&M much? I love it. The design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana continually pump out the most daring and striking fashion out there. Making “stars look like stars”? Definately. Too bad us common folk don’t have the $$ of the stars. [Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 08]

Omg, I want them all!! And more! Even though I probably wouldn’t wear some, I still want them! 😛

peter jensen

How totally awesome does this cropped jacket look? It reminds me of those candy bracelets and necklaces that I used to love. Actually, still do love. It’s by Peter Jensen, shown at his London Spring/Summer 07 show. The little pastel/candy coloured beads make me want to bite it!

So I don’t particularly hate or love Paris Hilton. However, I’ve just got one thing to say. What was she thinking?! “What was she thinking about what?” you may ask. Well, check this out. On Thursday 16th August, Paris launched her brand-spanking new clothing line at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA . “Fashion” if you want to go that far and actually call it that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some Paris Hilton-hater or anything. It’s just that, these “designs” are so bad! Here, take a look for yourself.

Paris Hilton -Silver Sequin Top Paris Hilton -Gold Metallic Coat

Paris Hilton -Silver Sequin Top (US$78.00)//Paris Hilton -Gold Metallic Coat (US$128.00)

The first top isn’t so bad. I like it. However, the “gold” metallic coat is the one with the issues. First of all honey, it ain’t gold. Second of all, it’s metallic. Thirdly, the material looks like PVC, therefore, it looks like a hooker coat. (Despite the fact that PVC and leather and all things sex-shop style have appeared all over catwalks internationally, I still find it kind of disturbing when I see normal, ordinary people (or anyone for that matter) wearing sprayed on leather trousers and PVC knee-length coats). Anyway, as I was saying, three strikes and your out. I’m sorry Ms Hilton, I mean, I love how your a smart-pretending-to-be-dumb business mogul and having a finger in every pie thing is making you into a multi-millionare/billionare, but really, this and this??! Not working.

Anywho, in other news, JAPANESE EXCHANGE STUDENTS HAVE LANDED IN OUR SCHOOL!! AHHH!!! THEY ARE SO CUUUTEEE!! AND COOL!! “kawaii” hahaha -I think that’s how you spell it anyway. Oh well. I’ll blog more about that next time, because right now, I’ve really got to get my stupid assessment task done. How annoying.


Well, while I’m still in the blogging mood…

Biba’s heart-shaped sunnies1

Biba has launched it’s first ever sunglasses line and how cute are these babies! Even though we’re in the middle of a cold snap right now, these would make my day, no scrap that, season.


…I really got to learn how to do that clicky thing…

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