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Hello Kitty condoms

So tell me, what do you think these Hello Kitty things are? Lollies? Nope. Lollipops? Nope. Blow up balloons? You could say so. THEY ARE FREAKING CONDOMS!! LOLOLOLLL!!!

Who the hell? What the hell? Never mind my own innate hate for Hello Kitty and all things Hello Kitty related-which doesn’t really make sense because I’m Asian, but let’s not get sidetracked, but whhhhattt??

I mean come on guys, I know all Hello Kitty fanatics are all a bit “in the head” anyway, and when it comes to thinking rationally and logically, they aren’t particularly well known for it, but HELLO KITTY CONDOMS?! ROFL

These are obviously quite disturbing. Imagine coming home with these, “Hooonneyy! I’m hoooommmee!! And look what the kitty dragged in? ;)” err…not cool. Imagine that, in the heat of the moment, your partner -female or male- pulls out a Hello Kitty  condom and enthusiastically puts it on. Um..the last place I would like to see Hello Kitty staring up at me is down there.

Another thing, just how unmanly would it be to have Hello Kitty down there, with your female counterpart giving you compliments on just how “cute that is!!” Then having to stop in the middle of doing it multiple times because the Hello Kitty fanatic wants to see “how cute it is” again and again would pretty much take the joy and pleasure out of the evening. Not to mention the “feel of the moment”.

And last but not least, when a guy puts a condom on, he pretty much has a single thought on his mind. This does not include putting on different Hello Kitty condoms as if it were a fashion show.


TO HELL WITH HELLO KITTY!!! …I never liked the damn freaky-ass-kitten-looking-thing anyway…


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