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It seems as though the shift from the normal catwalks to something a bit “different” has taken a step further.

After the stunning Fendi Spring/Summer 08 show presented by Karl Lagerfeld on the Great Wall of China, which had a total of 88 models who were wearing a mixture of new items and clothes from the Spring/Summer collection walked along an 88 meter runway (the number 8 is extremely lucky in China), Pierre Cardin has staged his collection at his own bigger and more exotic location on the Gobi Desert.

At Fendi, the Kaiser had 500 guests climbed the steep stone steps to the wall to watch the amazing show. Guests included Thandie Newton, Ziyi Zhang, Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau. “I think it’s the first fashion show visible from the moon,” Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. The incredibly ambitious project highlights the growing importance of China as a place where “things are happening”. The show was not linked to any boutique openings although China can already boast ten Fendi stores. [Source: WWD]

Fendi great wall

The 4,000 mile long wall was perfect for the show. Lagerfeld commented, “In fact, this wall was built like a runway…Can you imagine the physical difficulty in building something like this in those days?”

And then Pierre Cardin comes along and decides to try and out-do the Kaiser with his very own fashion spectacular!
“I’ve been on a lot of voyages,” Cardin told WWD. “But this one was very special for me. The light and the emptiness and the color of the sand against the blue sky — it was like showing fashion on the edge of infinity.”

Pierre Cardin

The show was thought of as a prelude to a musical production for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing which Chinese officials have invited Cardin to stage. I wonder what his designs will be like in Beijing… [Source: WWD, Trendhunter Magazine]


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